Canto 82: Lethalities

There shall be peace forever between these people
Zeus, the all-seeing met with destiny to confirm it
Singing all follow our footsteps



Then let our barque the ocean roam,
Our keel the billows plough;
I shed no tears at quitting home

No sphere on Earth escapes the tractor’s beam
Of influence, as older brder cracks,
But should our Superpowers ‘cross their streams
Ordnance erupts from echomnesiacs;
Angola next,
Beyond the Portuguese,
The White House flounders vex’d, the Kremlin grating knees.

Intrepidness could tip the scales,
Castro, the great commander
Sends twenty thousand Cuban males
By airways to Luanda,
The Dollar chattle turning tails
Rattling to Rwanda –
Undithering, the Russians don the helm,
Whose tanks & rocket launchers overwhelm

The forcelings of the CIA;
Congress dead-cuts all aid,
This game they’ll play another day,
But hoping better play’d,
When World Dominions like tiles of dominoes slow laid.



Was it for this holocaust that you survived
your own genocide in the days of Naziland?
Is this really your desired Land of Canaan?
José Craveirinha

Frighten’d hostesses hovering at doors
By secret meetings, as the mandate ends;
To these pristinely made-out ‘bassadors
Calling the Lords of Washington good friends;
Just forty years
Since King David’s Hotel
Was bomb’d from blood & tears, when born was Is-ra-el.

Subabluent hostility
Pushes Palestinian
From tribal lands, tho’ enmity
Nourish’d upon illusion,
Eyes crave the capital city,
Eager for expansion,
For like a canker devastates our health
These lands will last no equal commonwealth.

As house-by-house & field-by-field
Redivivean realm
Emerg’d unseal’d, converg’d, unpeel’d,
Old Zion at the helm,
Safe from Semitic slaughterers of centuries oerwhelm.



Time after time, “Where are you from?”
Its all a blur, tormented bomb,
Dark memories of paths & routes
Raoul Scrhottl

The villages of Nicouragua
Welcome fossarian Sandinistas
As liberators from the jaguar
That are the Contras, “They have releas’d us
From servile lives
Beneath dictatorships,
The rope that cuts like knives, the cup that burns the lips.”

As orgulous America
Freethinking in its backyard
Despises; thro’ Costa Rica
& Honduras the ill-starr’d
Contras arm’d & train’d – heatseeker
Spyplanes, above, on guard,
Alas, it finds its battlehands are tied
When free & fair elections wide applied.

Of course them branded farcical
Despite the Free Will shown,
Each article of hearty pull
From Post & Times have shown
Democracy by any other wings shall ne’er be flown.

New York

Imperial Soviet

Robert Minhinnick
Soldiers who spoke
A terrible language
Broke into the mosque

By battles lost & won vast empires stand,
Tho’ soon to be but words upon a page,
Now all seems vain where once was good & grand,
The passing of the European age;
Watch Asia’s might
Oppose illantern West,
Whose liberty & light beams brightly at the test.

From Cuba to West Africa
They’ll promote the Marxist creed,
Libya & Ethiopia
Mount a communistic steed,
Supreme bastion together
Against the market greed…
But not these men in mountain heights, unseen,
The fighting furious Mujahadeen.

Warriors like the Bin Laden
To Washington have sold
Tough acumens for live weapons
To prise the Russian hold…
Sewing a fresh Knockehahn of the Teutoburger Wald.


Lethal Espionage

diminishes toward the
A. R. Ammons

Thro’ Saddam’s ego shoots a lust for nukes,
But who can hammer screws into a bench?
Know-how kowtows despite Jewish rebukes –
Equipment, electronics, from the French;
Secret Baghdad
Sends its top physicist,
Yahia al-Mashad, to Paris with the list..

 Passing soft time with scarlet tart,
Loving ‘Le Meridien’
Poison distilling from a dart,
Well-disguis’d as ballpoint pen,
She blew into commander heart,
Fractur’d his skull, & then
Professional assassin of her times,
Cuts thro’ his throat & stabs him seven times.

The death-script of this hit complete,
‘Twas now her time to die,
Crossing the street, from sixty feet
A speeding porsche did fly
Three seconds wheeling killer speeds; the pavements liquefy!


The Last Reichsfuhrer

O God our Maker, give songs in the night
through the long watches of hope,
Till the shadows flee away
Eric Milner-White

Pearl searchlights comb the auld walls of Spandau,
Mann’d by Russia, th’Anglo-Saxons & France,
A point in time that is forever now,
Last firmament of a grand alliance;
To strangest hermitage,
Solitary eagle squats in an iron cage.

Withdrawing from the living hell
Of a nightmare wax’d absurd,
He chooses shewing silent shell,
Weeks pass by without a word,
Holding his captors in a spell
Like some liltant songbird;
For thro’ his soul melts runisch mysterie,
He was der Fuhrer’s friend & deputie!

The door slams shut, sweet midnight nears,
The Twentieth is come,
Counting the years, a rain of tears,
Saluting to the drum,
Tho’ slipping to senility fidelis ad urnam!


Nuclear Holocaust

I’m weary of conjectures,- this must end ’em.
Thus I am doubly armed: my death & life,
My bane & antidote, are both before me
Joseph Addison

But for the Balkan’s bubbling boiling point
All’s quiet on the European front;
Then Ronnie Reagan pushes out of joint
Red Russian noses – strategy or stunt;
Upgraded, moderniz’d,
Stockpiling overkills, each megatonne well priz’d.

Speculative catastrophes
Cobbl’d up in Kent & Kursk,
Vastcounting blast mortalities
Camden Town, Novosibirsk,
With radiation energies
Reaching as far as Thirsk –
Flash burns – Haringey, Lewisham, Merton;
Killer flying glass – Hounslow & Sutton.

That’s how we’ll World War Three play thro’,
On paper, then on screens,
Each thinktank crew conclusions drew
“Reject the smithereens
Of cataclysms nuclear, peace keep by any means.”


Gulf of Sidra

from everywhere
I see the sea looking at me
with his blue eye
Anton Buttigieg

Libyans assert their lethal ‘Line of Death,’
Sharp across Sidra’s contrarious gulf;
America, with bathophobic breath,
Bares slaverfangs, an angry alphawolf;
Carriers fleet
For battles men call ‘mock,’
Assemble to compete, to showcase & to shock.

Beside the Silver Eagles flew
Black Aces, Jolly Rogers,
Bedevilers & Foxbats too,
Across the ‘line’ one lodges,
MIG-Twenty-Fives zoom into view,
Missile deft-dive-dodges –
The rules of engagement now clear’d in sense,
Retaliation fair if self-defence.

Two Libyan pilots parachute,
Neuted by sidewinders –
In soaking suit, patient, astute,
Search & rescue finders,
Pluck down’d foes up to safety thro’ tribal love that binds us.

Meditteranean Sea
Aug 19th

Operation Babylon

The more I feel vast air beneath my feet,
The more toward boundless air on pinions fleet
Spurning the earth, soaring to heaven, I tend
Giordano Bruno

Jets, across the Gulf of Aqaba, speed,
Spots markings Jordan’s monarch from his yacht,
By telephones sent warnings wise to heed,
But tangleblocks by beaurocratic knot;
Reactor track’d in view;
A swordflight on attack, how beautiful they flew!

Razorsharp & laserguided,
Fast & forward roars missile,
Devastating the derided
Plutonium prefissile,
As the F-16s divided
For safety, just once sil-
-ence broken; “Sun stand still on Gibeon
& moon in the Valley of Aijalon.”

Despite the Global fury vent
Begin furrows his brow,
“A precedent, each government
Of Is-ra-el, from now,
Must be counter-proliferate, safe futures to endow.”

Tel Aviv
November 7th

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